Albany Botox®

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Indications for BOTOX®

Aging changes around the eyes specifically crows feet and frown lines.

BOTOX® Procedure

 The technique involves injection of Botulina Type A Toxin (Botox®) into the overactive muscles causing a temporary paralysis minimizing the active lines.  Improvement lasts 3-6 months.


Botox is a quick outpatient procedure done in our Schenectady Office conveniently located outside of Albany, NY.  For optimum comfort, it is performed with local anesthetic (numbing the area).

Trade Offs of  BOTOX®

Mild, temporary surgical discomfort, bruising and/or swelling.

Risks of BOTOX®

On a rare occasion there is temporary difficulty opening the eye, but this is extremely rare.

Recovery from BOTOX®

Patients usually continue with their normal routine following their appointment.  Some make up may be required to cover any redness or bruising.  The treatment is temporary, lasting 3-6 months.

Before & After Pictures Courtesy of Allergan, makers of Botox Cosmetic®

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