Surgical Scheduling and COVID- current status

Many people are asking if we are still operating with the current Capital District COVID numbers. We continue to do all minor procedures in our office as well as injectibles and Botox. As for cases that require anesthesia, Ellis hospital has limited elective surgery on their main campus, but are allowing certain elective surgeries on their Bellevue campus. Bellevue has a great staff and many of our regular operating room nurses from the Nott street campus have temporarily moved over to assist. As has always been the case, we have only received glowing feedback from our patients who have recently had their surgery at Bellevue and we can’t be more grateful for such a wonderful staff there. For safety, all patients are required to be COVID tested prior to surgery (the hospital arranges it) and the hospital has strict COVID protocols. Many of our patients are finding that now is a good time to get a procedure done that they have been putting off. For many, working from home has allowed flexibility to recover and the lack of community events means nothing is being missed by taking time off to do surgery. The surgical schedule is being re-evaluated on a daily basis. If you are thinking about having surgery, it is best to come in now to discuss your options and see if this is the right time for you.

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Victor A. Schingo, Jr., MD

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