Breast Reconstruction

Indications for Breast Reconstruction 

Post mastectomy deformity

Breast Reconstruction Surgery 

TRAM Flap, Latissimus Flap +/- implant, Implant/ expander. The operative technique is decided in consultation with the patient and may involve the use of her own tissue repositioned to create a breast mound, or the use of an implant/expander to create a breast mound. Surgery may be performed at the time of the mastectomy or at a later date following completion of any additional required tumor treatment. Several procedures are needed for total breast and nipple areola reconstruction. Surgery on the opposite breast may be considered for symmetry.


Surgery is performed at the hospital with a general anesthetic. The length of stay varies according to the technique selected for reconstruction.  The procedure is performed at Ellis Hospital, convenienetly located near Albany, NY in the Capital District.

Trade Offs Of Breast Reconstruction

 Depends on the technique chosen.

Risks of Breast Reconstruction

Depends on the technique chosen.

Recovery for Breast Reconstruction 

Depends on the technique chosen, generally 4-6 weeks.

The American Society of Plastic Surgery (ASPS) has begun a campaign to ensure that all women know what choices they have when it comes to breast Reconstruction.  Click on the video & button below to learn more:

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