Front Desk

Shelly- Front Desk
Shelly has been at our front desk since 2008. She is in charge of answering phones and checking in patients- a somewhat hectic task when both doctors are in the office!  She also does a great job keeping our charts in top shape by constantly filing. Shelly always greets patients with a smile.

Nursing & Patient Care

Barbara, our head Registered Nurse, is invaluable to our practice. Barbara runs the Operating rooms in our office, is in charge of all ordering, and supervises our nursing staff. Her calming influence is such an asset and is appreciated by patients and staff alike. Barbara came to our office with a wealth of experience working in the Ellis Operating room system and we were fortunate enough to have her join our team and oversee our surgical suite.

Micky is our nurse who helps keep things running smoothly in our office. Micky is an LPN and does a great job at assisting the doctors, especially on our busiest days. She always greets everyone with a smile and is full of energy. Her knowledge and experience are such an asset to our office!

Business Office

 Stacy- Business Office  

Insurance companies seem to change their policies daily and Stacy does the amazing job of keeping on top of it all!  In our business office, Stacy is in charge of submitting all requests for prior authorization for surgeries.  She is our main surgical scheduler and mails out all of our surgical packets. Stacy also handles records requests, managing chart contents as well as all physician correspondence.

Phylicia- Billing and Coding

Phylicia W. Shoemaker has been a part of our Business Office staff for the past several years.  Phylicia is the owner of PWS Medical Business Solutions and works as an independent contractor on behalf of our office to ensure that insurance claims are processed.  Phylicia has over 20 years of experience in the medical billing and coding profession and has vast knowledge of insurance plans and policies.  She is always available to answer your insurance related or billing questions and can be reached at 370-0501, or you may also find her in our office throughout the week…

Practice Manager

Marcie Stoffer- Practice Manager

Marcie came to Fox & Schingo Plastic Surgery after working as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker for 9 years.  She was the practice’s first Patient Care Coordinator. When her mother, Mary Jane, retired after 26 years as practice manager, she was recruited to take her place! In addition to daily accounting duties and managing the staff, Marcie handles all marketing, answers website emails, writes the monthly emailed newsletter and updates website content.

If you have any questions about the practice, newsletter or website, feel free to email her at [email protected].