Facial Implants


Acquired or congenital deformities of the face involving the shape and balance of the bony architecture.


The operative correction involves placement of selected implants to add volume to a receding chin, jaw line or increase the prominence of the cheekbones. Time 1-2 hours .May be combined with rhinoplasty or facial rejuvenation procedures.


Outpatient at the hospital with a general anesthetic, although a cooperative patient can be treated in the office with local anesthesia and sedation.

Trade Offs 

There is mild temporary surgical discomfort, bruising, swelling, and numbness, and limited jaw motion if a chin augmentation is performed.


Although uncommon, complications can occur and include bleeding, infection, or capsule formation around the implant. Occasionally additional surgery is necessary if the implant shifts in position or becomes infected. Patients return to work or school 1 -2 weeks following surgery and their normal exercise routine at 4-6 weeks.

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