Nasal Surgery (Rhinoplasty)


Acquired or congenital nasal deformities occasionally accompanied by nasal airway obstruction.


The operative correction involves reshaping the nose into an aesthetically pleasing appearance (rhinoplasty) and improving or maintaining the nasal airway (septoplasty). Occasionally done in conjunction with a chin augmentation. Time 2-3 hours.

Before Rhinoplasty
After Rhinoplasty


Outpatient, hospital, general anesthesia, a cooperative patient can be treated in the office with local anesthesia and sedation.

Trade Offs 

There is mild temporary surgical discomfort, bruising around the eyes, swelling, and numbness.


Although uncommon, complications can occur and include bleeding, infection, and the occasional need for additional surgery if some deformity persists.


Most patients return to work or school 1-2 weeks following surgery and their normal exercise routine in 2-3 weeks. Final results are permanent and are evident at 12-18 months.

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